Here’s a list of the people main characters in my life:

Dad: Loving, kind, a little geeky, and a little outnumbered. The only other boy is one of the dogs. [At least in our place of residence. Read on to find out more.]

Mom: Crazy [Fun crazy, not scary crazy. Most of the time.] With a great sense of humor. I laugh at her a lot. When I was a kid, she used to embarrass me when we went out in public. Now I embarrass her!

Sister: My best friend and confidante. I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like, as she lives a long way away. We had many crazy adventures together as kids. ^_^

BiL: My brother-in-law. He’s the perfect match for Sister, and I love having him as a brother. [For more, read my toast that was posted 8-10-2011]

Bugg: Sister and BiL’s daughter. This toddler loves a fun time. If one is not supplied, she’ll find one whether you like it or not. Bugg also loves her baby brother to death, and sometimes that phrase leans a bit toward the literal side, because she is learning that babies need to be able to breathe. Don’t worry, her mommy is always supervising, and lets Bugg know how to handle the baby with proper care.

Duder: Sister and BiL’s son. He’s new to the world, so I have yet to learn a lot about his personality. Most of what I’ve seen so far is a lot of sleeping. I can tell you, this boy loves to cuddle. And I love cuddling him, so we’re starting our relationship on a good note.

Buddy Boy: My boy dog. He’s a little neurotic [things might get his bum], paranoid [Moozka is out to get him], and shy. But once everything settles down, he warms right up to people.

Mei Mei: Even though she’s 10 years old, this girl still has energy! She loves her brother Buddy Boy, even though she chews him out sometimes [and I mean that literally!] She likes to bark when she’s happy, sad, upset, and generally most of the time. This is what terriers do.

Moozka: She came to us as a tiny kitten, and within a few weeks had scared Buddy Boy and Mei Mei into submission. Sometimes she’s loving, and other times she kills anything that moves [or anything she thinks might move at some point in it’s existence], and sometimes she loves people so much she just can’t help but bite them.

Panther: She came to us as a four-month old, nearly starved-to-death kitten, who was the size of a 10-week-old. Extremely shy, she won’t let just anyone even touch her. If you come to visit, you’ll be lucky to even see her. Also, if she were a person, she would have been a fashion designer because of her love of certain, expensive fabrics and shiny things.

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