Sometimes Songs Just Get Stuck in My Head

Earlier today, I heard this song, which was stuck in my head for quite a while today.

Until, suddenly and randomly, this song popped into my mind.


Sometimes I worry myself, too.


It’s Been a Long Time…

WordPress forgot who I was for a second [meaning that they didn’t have my log-in information all ready for me] but remembered after I remembered what my log-in information is. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Sorry about that.

My life has become a bit monotonous, but it’s a different kind of monotony than what I had before. Now my monotony consists of me getting out of the house. Now my monotony consists of bits of chaos. [It doesn’t have to make sense to you; it makes sense to me – and that’s what’s important.]

I’m still being creative. Being around people with such varying lifestyles, and being exposed to snippets of people’s lives, gives me a lot of inspiration for stories.

Part of my creativity, recently, has consisted of me trying to teach myself piano again. I currently know how to play an E-flat-minor chord, an F-sharp chord, a B-flat-minor chord, and a B chord, and a C-sharp chord.  That’s right. I know one song. But not very well. My keyboard is from the late 1980s or early 1990s, is totally awesome, but lacks emotion. I can hit the keys as soft or as hard as I want, but the volume will stay the same [unless I slide the volume thingy up or down]. It’s difficult to get the emotions of the song proper, but I’m hoping to have access to a real piano/a keyboard that plays like a real piano soon.

I’ve drawn a few things, too. I might post that sometime soon. Maybe within the next month. ^_^

Life is Changing

For those who may have been following my blog, you know that since my grandma went into a nursing home last year, I’ve been looking for a “real” job – a steady job. For those of you who haven’t been following my blog, go read through my archives. ^_^

Because I have a Bachelor’s degree, most places that I’ve been applying at don’t want to hire me because why would someone with a Bachelor’s degree need a job at a grocery store? Especially someone with a Bachelor’s degree who is not currently pursuing further education. [I will be, I’m just not there yet.]

Places where I could potentially use my degree don’t want me because I don’t have 3-5 years of experience in my field. Being fresh [pretty much] out of college, how am I supposed to get 3-5 years of experience?

Last week Monday, I applied at my local gas station. Right when I applied [I filled it out there], the manager scheduled my interview for that Wednesday. I got the job.


I am now a probationary slave employee of the gas station in the town where I live.

I really like it – I get along with my coworkers, and most of the people who have stopped by have been very nice, especially when I explain I’m new. I thank them for their patience. [It’s surprising how thanking people really makes a difference.]

I really see how God has had His hand in all of this. I feel immensely blessed. I know it’s “just” a job at a gas station, but I’m praying that God uses me to His will in my time there.

Did it Have Fangs?

My sister-friend B and I have a tendency to go on random, spur-of-the-moment adventures. In May, B and I went on a mini-road trip to a beach two hours away just because we could.

Last weekend, another adventure occurred. It was more adventurous than our previous adventure.

We were invited by our friend S to go with him and his two friends M and I to go to S’s grandma’s house on the lake about 15 minutes away. We didn’t say yes right away, but we didn’t say an outright no either.

The small town in which we reside has a festival of sorts called “Hay Days”. Surprisingly enough, this small town is surrounded by lots and lots of hay fields.

B’s plan was to go to the horse pull, but it wasn’t for a while. So we wandered the town. We wandered to the gas station, we wandered to her place of residence, we wandered to the library, we wandered back to her place of residence, and decided that it was too hot and muggy outside.

I kept thinking of the nice, clean, blue water of the lake.

I voiced my thoughts.

We made our way to the beach.

We managed not to get lost, which is a huge success.

I was almost instantly wading in the water, because I’d left my swimsuit because B doesn’t have one, and I didn’t want to abandon her while I frolicked. After wading, we climbed some large rocks by the edge of the water and sat on them. I really enjoyed the view, and I’m not just talking about the landscape. 😉

Then I decided to ride S’s grandma’s Seadoo with S driving. He’s like a brother to me; we’ve known each other since we were kids.

It was my first time riding a jet ski. Yes, I’ve been exposed to them. My family has a cabin on the water. It’s just that I’d never really been that adventurous. Until recently. When S hit the throttle, my first instinct was to hug.

“I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND!” I yelled.

“I won’t tell my girlfriend,” he replied.


“Kay, I don’t have a girlfriend!” S laughed.

… “OH!” … [Insert awkward silence here, if silence on a speeding jet ski is possible.]

So we went about three miles east along the shore, and then

the engine died.

Yep. There we were, stranded in the middle of the sea a few dozen feet from shore, a few miles from the dock, with a dead Seadoo.

We let the engine cool for a bit, then tried to head back, but the engine wouldn’t stay running. We were getting ready to swim to shore to ask for help, but S decided to try something.

Luckily it worked.

We could keep the engine running if we didn’t try going more than five miles per hour.

I saw a lot of pretty houses that I didn’t get to see on the way out on account of how fast we were moving. I also was bitten twice on my middle toe by a deer fly.

Let me put this in perspective for you: people are amazed at how poorly I react to mosquito bites. People are horrified to see how severely I react to deer fly bites. My foot swelled to such a size that I couldn’t move my toes and I could barely wear my flip flop. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought my foot was severely injured [sprained at least] from the amount of swelling.

This isn’t even the worst of the swelling

The guys B and I were with were amazed that all it took was one deer fly to do such damage. My foot was puffy for more than 24 hours.

It still a lot of fun, and I want to go again. Just … with a little less engine problems and no deer flies.

What About Kayquie?

While Sister and her children were visiting, Mom and Dad took us to Dad’s family’s cabin for a weekend. Dad’s younger brother owns [or co-owns – the details get a little muddy] a sailboat, and he gave us permission to use it.

I’ve never been sailing. I’ve never had an interest in sailing, except in the romantic pursuit of pirates [see definition number 4].

It all started when I was 6 and Sister was 8. It was a Fourth of July weekend.

There was a small Sunfish at the family cabin at the time; I think it had been around since Dad was a boy [or even earlier than that]. Dad and Sister were going to go sailing on the Sunfish. I don’t remember exactly what happened next; I sort of blocked a lot of the memories from that day.

All I know is that Mom was going to take me and my slightly younger cousin [we’ll call her Lynn] for a walk, and Dad and Sister were going to go sailing.

Shortly after Dad and Erin departed, we started our walk. We only got to the end of the driveway when disaster struck.


Long story short [because I want to talk about other things – no, I’m not avoiding it, I just want to talk about other things instead], a rabid dog chased me down the driveway, Mom distracted it and got bit, my paternal grandfather also got bit when he tried to restrain the dog, and then the owners came and got the dog and shot it in the head before anyone could actually test the dog for rabies. [If you read the Diagnosis part of that Wikipedia article, you’ll see that to test for rabies, they look at brain samples.]

Dad and Sister also tipped over in the Sunfish.

It was a really trying day.

It was then that I vowed I would never sail.

Until July 14, 2012, that is. Only because I wasn’t in the Sunfish. I was in a pretty stable sailboat.

I felt like Bob Wiley, like I should be tied to the mast while wearing two or three life jackets [and even one on my feet]. But I wasn’t tied to the mast. I actually was [mostly] in control of the tiller! [I did shout, “Look at me! I’m sailing!” while in the sail boat.]

Unfortunately, Sister and Mom didn’t all that great of pictures of me sailing, because they were greatly distracted by Bugg. For some reason, two-and-a-half-year-old girls are really cute, and pictures end up being taken of them instead of me.

So that means that I’ve got to go sailing again, with a more reliable photographer on shore to take awesome pictures of me sailing.